biztec supports your business through all the commercial, financial & production processes, integrating all of your procedures in one system, using the top ERP software Odysseus | ERP



of the annual meat turnover in Greece

Years of experience


Hours of development

Product codes generated and costed

Transactions yearly between companies

Ready reports for the users

Value of import files which are edited and costed

Tons of meat are received yearly

Invoices of sales and trading yearly

Tables in the Database

“Biztec is on the front line of technology development and the new opportunities it offered since 1987. Therefore, Biztec ensured to our company an enduring advantage resulting from the information management and processing, tailored to our needs. The only thing that has not changed since 1987 is the dedication of Biztec to our real needs and the constant effort to implement our desires, thus bridging the perception gap between business and developers using the best and most humane way.”

Panagis Constantinides – CEO of Calpak S.A.

“Biztec always has a way to equate the needs of the entrepreneur with Odysseus ERP. As a result, you have your own software tailored to the needs of your own company.
ALWAYS there for you when you need them.”

John Kalamvokis – Agnomarket

“Odysseus ERP market share growth is closely connected with the rise of Floridis S.A. Vertical species deployment with subspecies for treating cuttings. Complete and quick digitization, high-level information using special applications.”

John Floridis – General Director of Floridis S.A.