Industries - Crafts

Complete monitoring of the production process


Technical specifications on time and per production phase


Auxiliary cost details

Allocation of costs to products

Automatic consumptions

Connection of the production with the rest of the company's business accounting system

Product costs templates

Progress costing


Manage production orders

Products costing according to scenarios designed by the user

Pharmaceutical Industries

Complete drug tab by product codes


Active substances


Special price lists by wholesale, retail, hospital prices


Electronic exchange of orders & invoices with customers and suppliers

Numerous reports for information

Management of Back Orders and shortages for better customer service

Implementation of pricing policies, discounts, with many detailed combinations such as client- species-quantity-turnover-deals etc.


Indications - contraindications


Grant restrictions

Intensive wholesale with on-line updates during stock typing

Monitoring batch overdue items

Manufacturing companies

Complete management of cash flow for payment and receipts.


Suggestions of orders quantities with scenarios defined by the user and numerous parameters such as history, daily rate, reserve balances etc.