Meat Industry


It is sold fresh and therefore it has a short life cycle



Different specifications of each animal


Complexity of Warehouse Book

Modern control requirements (economic, veterinary, quality etc.)

Meat sale with cutting

Requirements in pricing (per animal / batch / origin)


Veterinary issues

Using Odysseus “we cut digitally”

biztec's Odysseus ERP is structured and covers all the meat needs from the slaughterhouse until the retail supply

Warehouse stocks by meat type

Immediate pricing and labels production

Solve quality issues and quality certificates

Production-weighing-labelling according to customer needs

Integrated management of your business

Tree development for species with different values and weighing code for each subspecies

Markets monitoring


Remote outlets (shops)

Numerous statistics

Central control and decision making supported by Odysseus ERP


Complete traffic monitoring inside your business by creating codes that correspond to meat species, but also have the opportunity to be configured at the time of sale.

Monitoring batches - pieces sold

Costing of imports and production


Consistency with traceability requirements

Automatic update and execution of orders from weighing systems directly on the production line

Online connection to machines in production (tracking systems, weighing stations, automated standardization lines, labelling systems)


Compliance with regulations, standards and auditing principles obligations for the meat market

Automatic lots consumptions


Price lists

Orders scheduling

Integrated OLAP tools


Electronic recipes registration and costing that guarantees consistent quality and specific taste to any meat product code

Financial Monitoring & Control

Performance statistics for each animal part

Facilitating your trade policy

Easy maintenance of a stable pricing policy

Movement and transaction statistics for each lot


Monitoring specific agreements with customers


Excellent detailed information about the price configuration of each piece

Exploitation of smart equipment used for retail sale

Rapid reaction to potential market changes

Connection with the most popular POS systems for Online data exchange (values, barcodes, ingredients, sales)

Businesses that We have cooperation are – with our support – the best organized businesses in the meat market. It is worth noting that the meat market, and we are particularly proud of this, considers Odysseus ERP as a characteristic of quality business organization.