Effective and complete management and integrated of your business processes

What is Odysseus ERP


Odysseus ERP is the result of 25 years of experience in the IT market.


Odysseus ERP is an integrated Resource Planning System and unifies all the departments and business processes of a company to a single system that supports the particular requirements of each department.


Odysseus ERP supports daily business procedures in a functional way, adapted to the customer needs, targeting the optimal exploitation of the information in decision making.


Odysseus ERP is versatile and able to adjust to any business needs, in order to boost your way among the competition and the constantly increasing customer requirements.


Odysseus uses a single Database to store the records from all the different company departments.


The unification of the processes among the company’s sectors ensures fast implementations, cost reduction, increase of productivity, efficient organization and overall management of all your business processes.


Odysseus ERP  has now been technologically assessed  by the market itself and is considered as one of the top ERP software solutions.

Odysseus ERP Advantages


Integration of existing equipment and business processes


Better cooperation with suppliers and communication with customers

Time reduction for data entries, as information is registered just once into the system and used by all departments

Integration of the supply chain to a unified solution

Friendly User Interface


Reduction of user errors due to automated processes

Information in real time


Better quality control of products and the overall monitoring

Connection with technical equipment such as electronic scales, BarCode Scanners, standardization machines, RFID readers, etc.

Better integration processes for multinational companies / business groups

Independence of manufacturers, devices, sub-systems and operating systems


Effective inventory & warehouse management

Introduction of new activities in the existing structure such as standardization, production etc.

Reduction of storage costs

Αutomation of billing, cost accounting and financial management


Easy compliance to quality assurance standards (ISO-9002, IAS etc.)

Better customer service

Faster execution of customer orders

Open architecture systems for monitoring the company's processes

Productivity improvement



Odysseus ERP Small Business

This is the ideal solution for small businesses who need to organize their processes with an integrated system at a competitive final price considering what it is offering .