General Accounting

Fully customized account codes up to 25 digits. Free development of accounts with the possibility of varying degrees of analysis per group. Search, filter and sort by multiple modular domains accounts.

Tree display of accounting plan


Check balances, with warning messages when registering accounting entries

Accounting entries in any currency

Automatic updating and records creating from the department of billing, warehouse management, purchasing & sales

Find articles by date, account, article number, calendar, press article, etc.

Printing user defined reports


Full range of accounting printouts, balance, tabs, record control statements, general-analytical ledgers, calendars


Manage unlimited periods defined by the user. Parallel monitoring of several financial years.


Possibility to register accounting articles & movements with a simple registration or in accordance with standard articles. Fast registration of articles in accordance with pre-designed scenarios. Create cancellation recordings by simply selecting the Article under annulment .


Control tasks for correctness and conformity of the accounting plan.

Define an unlimited number of calendars fully nominated by the operator

Balance in Electronic Form


Automatic closing and manual opening records with simultaneous transfer of the accounting plan in the new year.


VAT statements

Clients – Debtors, Suppliers – Creditors


Fully customized alphanumeric codes up to 25 digits. The codes are defined by mask or composed of field values and offer the possibility to change them at any time of use


VAT accuracy control when registering new customers / suppliers and / or specialized control scripts


Branches management for each customer / supplier with full details

Search, filters and classifications based on a variety of fields. Save filters created by the user for easy subsequent use

Fully designated pricing policies and discounts, reports on general client details (payment methods, category, price category, etc.), or to specific customers, in conjunction with warehouse species categories with scalable quantities

Registration of credit checks per customer or per series of documents

On-line update of General Accounting

Managing charges per customer

Gross profit analysis by customer

Forecast revenues according to the payment way of the customer / supplier

Full analysis of financial data per customer / supplier (monthly charges, credit-turnovers, balances, bills, average payback time, comparison on uses)

Reports on revenues and sales by the user


Multiple credit / debit limits (accounting, by bonds, open balance) by customer / supplier with a defined overrun control (warning, prohibition)


Detailed data entry per customer / supplier as groups, classes, responsible persons


Client / supplier document management

Key fields defined by the user for each customer / supplier. Fields with programmable transaction update (adders)

Every customer / supplier is associated with a person from traders to facilitate the issuance of a single tab and summary statements when the same person has different properties at the same time (Customer, supplier, bond trader)

Registration of transaction in the currency of the customer / supplier

Possibility of mass records or transactions registration

Statistics on sales / purchases per branch


Fully designated species price lists per supplier

Ability to monitor balances


Numerous ready IT, accounting (indexes, balances, tabs, monthly traffic, turnover, etc.) tables with many selection and sort capabilities

Revenues – Payments


Design of transactions and the way of the financial data update for customers-suppliers and debts

Registration in any currency per line, with automatic conversion of all values in the base currency of the Company and in the currency of the Client (Supplier)

Possibility to pay open vouchers (their balance is monitored )


Cashier monitoring

Possibility of on-line General Accounting update according to a predetermined script

Customized revenue reports

Batch printing of income invoices (payments)


Design of numbering of documents (automatic, conferral, follows specific numbering series) per collection order document


Register any type of available cash (cash, securities, deposit bank accounts). Transaction approval process. Automatic transaction generationin the bond circuit.

Design a script of registration (columns of revenues line) according to the needs of the company

Direct access to customer-supplier records, bonds, bank accounts


Search proceeds (payments) with filters and rankings based on a number of areas. Ability to save the user filters for easy subsequent use.


Numerous ready reports with many selection and sort capabilities

Bills receivable – payable

Comprehensive management of revenues and receivable and payable bills


Complete monitoring of the history of bills (issuing, collection, distribution to third parties etc) with a direct view of the elements of its current state


Comprehensive matching of cash accounting (receipts and payments) through bongs to update at the same time the debits, credits of the traders (customers, suppliers, bills traders) from the bills circuit


Ability to separate transactions management with customers, suppliers, bank accounts, third parties, to ensure easy and error-free registration of tables - transactions and bills by the user

on-line update from general accounting transactions according to predefined scripts


Bill type design by the user (promissory note, check, etc) and status(at a cashier, to a supplier, etc)

Search bills with filters and classifications based on a number of fields. Ability to save user filters for easy subsequent use


Design of of transactions, which covers all possible situations of a bond transition and the way of the financial data update of all involved operators. Facilitation of the transcation choices

Search of transactions with filters and classifications based on a number of fields. Save user filters for easy subsequent use


Ready reports with many filtering and sorting options

Bank accounts

Complete management of bank accounts

Monitor financial data per account (balances, monthly charges-credits)

Financial transactions updates (revenues - payments) and bills transactions


Search transactions with filters and sortings based on a number of fields. Ability to save the filters for easy subsequent use

Ready reports with many filtering and sorting options, such as balances, status etc.

Bank accounts in any currency


Management and monitoring of checks blocks per checking account


Design of tranactions and of the way of update for the financial records of bank accounts

on-line update from general accounting transactions according to predefined scripts

Fully customized user reports