Production Management

Production planning and optimization of supply chain efficiency is a daily challenge. Using Odysseus ERP it is easy to control and constantly improve the production processes and ensure the competitiveness and viability of your business.

All production facilities are fully integrated into Odysseus ERP, which allows the user to quickly prepare complex BOMs and production processes.



Formularies (BOMs)

Scripts of financial information update


Integration of all production sectors for a maximum degree of automation


Integrated planning units for the optimal use of resources


Consumptions (also according to scenarios)

Products costing (per production stage)

Complete reliability of your production processes

Odysseus Stater

Odysseus Stater

Unique solution for production areas, delivery areas, processing areas & sales areas

Odysseus Stater is a specialized software installed on industrial computers (is65-is70) to use directly on your production area, reducing time and money spent by automating your processes with the target of re-organizing your business.

Print labels

for products, custom designed by code and client

Separate customer orders

depending on the products that each sector is responsible for

Execute customers' orders

and automatic update of the sale invoice

Implement orders on suppliers

to have a better control of your receipts

Sale through weighing station

and automatic invoice print with Odysseus ERP

Set access rights

and actions per user or user group

Weighing scale settings

through user interface, such as: automatic load weighing with stabilization, selection of printing labels, totals, subtotals etc.

Automatic lot creation

upon receipt, with the possibility to register all their data

Online connectivity

and updates on orders and sales with Odysseus ERP

Preparation for receipt

to unload trucks faster and save time

Manual receipts with automatic update

of the transaction in Odysseus ERP

Lots handling

to / from specific company sector

Simultaneous weighing

of many loads during their reception

Automatic printing of labels

upon the execution of the order or sale, filed with customer’s data, custom designed

Odysseus Weighing & WGT

Service for the design of Odysseus ERP communication with the weighing stations, and the On-line updating of the Odysseus ERP.

Set & customization of weighing stations


Customization of species & subspecies for choice in weighing stations.

Weighing according to orders

Customized design of labels per code


User rights & actions


Management of analytical weighings from stations


Recording analytical weighings

Package labelling according to customer


Weight measurements performed at stations are recorded in detail and create transactions in Odysseus ERP

Odysseus Mobile

Subsystem for the wireless sales design and the communication of Odysseus ERP with mobile terminals (PDA).

Specialized applications (Rapid Count) that run on PDAs, Tablets PCs, Smart Phones, to meet remote operation needs

Devices management


Design of sales profiles per Station / User


Transactions management from mobile devices


Users of mobile devices


Customization of species and subspecies to choose from mobile devices


Τransactions transforming from mobile devices into orders, invoices, stock movements etc.

Electronic Weighing List through mobile devices

Minimize time and real-time information on the goods weighing, with no errors

Sales credibility

Reduce costs through elimination of errors


Eliminate the use of weighing papers

Immediate receipt of order

Electronic transmission of the species and quantity to the vendor screen and direct issue of invoice.

biztec photo tracing

Thanks to biztec’s innovation you are able to shoot the product at the time of weighing with automatic entry of the snapshot in the DB along with metadata such as trader-species-weight-date-time and unique connection to the analytical weighing – movements at Odysseus ERP.

Connectivity with different camera per weighing scale.

Ability to store snapshots in a database and direct viewing from Odysseus ERP

Camera settings from each station

Application settings according to customer requirements