Complete traceability

The need

According to European legislation, all companies involved in the food chain should mandatorily implement a traceability system. Moreover, in many cases you need to know where your inventory is and in which form.

The solution

With Odysseus ERP and the accompanied Odysseus-Stater software that is installed at weighing stations, all peripherals (scales, scanners, readers RFID, conveyor systems, accounting systems) are integrated and complete traceability of your final product is achieved, since all the required data which prove the identity of the product and show its origin, are collected, recorded and stored.

Complete lot management from import to production & delivery of products and goods


Compliance with national and international standards, regulations and laws

Utilization of information for the labeling of products

At any moment we know where is our stock and in what form

In case of product withdrawal, there is data not only for the withdrawing batch, but also for each piece of it seperately

Increases consumer's trust in your products