Warehouse and inventory management


Low freezing of funds


Reduction of the stock quantities


Guaranteed deliverability

Optimized and accurate management & monitoring of stock


Multiple warehouses management

Financial monitoring of species



The software proposes the ideal combination of supplier-quantity-client.

Information from the areas of Procurement, Production, Sales and Inventory in real time

Management of stocks in different storage locations

Precise management of total inventory allowing full traceability

Management of subspecies, cutting


Receipts for warehouse movements

Maximum delivery reliability

Aggregated and detailed financial monitoring of subspecies (aggregated sales, sales analysis, etc.)

Maximization of profit through the proposals of optimized orders

Checking delivery capabilities at any given time

Odysseus WMS


Import management. (Receipts, Returns, Production etc.)


Internal movements (manage storage sites, feeds, etc.)

Inventory management


Logistics and orders management. (Preparation of orders, manage inventory batches, movements between warehouses)

Packaging Management (Labelling, customization, etc.)

Wireless network management and user commands management